Amanda Jeffrey Interior Design

There are so many ways you can benefit from employing an interior designer.


You would be surprised at the projects I get asked to be involved in. Having a design background means I can adapt my creativeness in lots of areas. I'm a perfectionist, so every small detail has to be perfect! Being creative has opened many interesting doors for me.


1. Refurbishing rooms


Quite often I go to visit clients who are half way through their refurbishment project.  They've picked their kitchen and tiles and would like guidance and ideas how to complete the room. This is too late! It doesn't cost anymore money to bring in a designer from the beginning rather than half way through. If you want incredible results, use us for the entire job, that's what we are here for! 


2. Building a home


Don't make the mistake of bringing an interior designer in once all the architects plans are completed. We can see vital design ideas that may of been overlooked. Also, being an independent party, we can help ensure that the designs proposed are kept within your budget and through liaising with all tradesmen we can make sure it's completed on time. 


3. Selling a Property


The longer your property is on the market the more money it will cost you. You will have monthly repayments as well as the financial upkeep of your property. By bringing in an interior designer you will stage your home to look desirable to potential buyers. Your staged photographs online will stand out and bring buyers to look around. Remember, once your buyer is in your property they will decide whether they want to buy with in the first few minutes, so make sure you make that first impression a good one! Also, the longer your customer is in your property the more chance they will put an offer on the table.  


4. Renting out your property 


There's no need to spend months worrying about your property being vacant and whilst similar properties on the market are being rented out as soon as they're advertised. Hiring a designer before your property goes on the market, will ensure your property is fully prepared to show potential buyers and the photographs we take will stand out against your competitors, so therefore, more people through the door! Our fees are are very small (much less than one months repayment) and totally worth the investment. You can take away our advice and use it on further investments. 


5. Staging your property


This is the final stage and the best! Once we have advised on what needs to be changed, cleaned, decluttered and depersonalised we can begin staging your property. We arrive at your property prior to your buyers to ensure everything is perfect. We bring with us extra plants, (for both inside and outside) and accessories to really wow your buyers. We can show your buyers around (at your request) and sell/rent your property for you. 


6. Wedding and Event Design


Organising any wedding or event can be stressful and quite often the small but important details are overlooked. It is important for your special event to flow, not just in the organisation but also in the design. We can agree a fee so it doesn't matter how many times we back to the same wedding dress, it won't cost you any more! Again, it's more beneficial to bring an interior designer in at the beginning rather than part way through.


7. Landscaping Design



It's crazy to spend a lot of money on the interiors of your property then leave your garden plain and uninteresting. Both your garden and home should flow with a similar design feel. I love to see similar colours looking out into the garden and vica versa.