Liverpool Interior Design

One of the first rules of design is to make a room fit it's purpose, so begin by evaluating the space you have and work out how it can be best used.

     Firstly, look at the size of the room and decide what it needs to do. Can it have a dual function, such as a kitchen dining room? Take your own lifestyle into consideration . For example, if you don't entertain a lot and don't enjoy cooking then a kitchen dining room may not be the best option for you. Instead, you could create a separate laundry area or if you have a lot of possessions or equipment, additional storage.




This is the most sociable space in a home, a place to rest and relax on your own and also a place to entertain. When deciding where to place furniture, use space and natural light to guide you which place is best. For example place a sofa opposite a window so you can get natural light and a view when sat on it. Place a TV in a darker area. 




in kitchen design there is a format known as the work triangle which if followed makes efficient use of the space and minimises the amount if walking between the three main functions of food gathering, food preparation and cooking. 




As the saying goes 'first impression last the longest' so an entrance hall needs to make a statement. However, most halls are used for a number of rolls, a place to put boots, shoes, outdoor clothes, even bikes! If this is the case then adequate storage needs to be used and de ore should be kept simple.




The bedroom is our private space where we go to relax and sleep. Although clothes storage is an important factor, in many bedrooms the main concern is usually the positioning of the bed. Ideally the bed should be positioned to the side of the door opening to screen the bed from the hallway. Try not to place near a window as could be cold. If you have a small room buy a bed with storage underneath.





Bathrooms have similar restrictions to kitchens. The water inlet and waste outlet will determine where the lavatory, basin and bath can be located. If your bathroom doesn't have a window it is important to create an attractive ambience using artificial lighting.