Interior Design Merseyside

When I was looking to buy my new home I was initially looking for "kerb appeal". It was important to me what the house looked like externally as well as internally. Moving house can be very stressful and expensive so I'm going to give you my tips on how to stage your home and give it that kerb appeal, so you can save money, which will inevitably help lessen your stress too!  


The majority of buyers will view photos online first and then decide whether they want to view your home based on the photographs taken. Did you also know that when a viewer arrives at your property, they will decide within the first 30 seconds whether they are interested in buying it or not? 


1. TO DO LIST    Go around your property, inside and out with a pen and paper and start making a long 'to do' list! This will include repainting scuffed paintwork and brightening walls, replace light bulbs, weeding the path and garden, cleaning gutters, fixing anything broken.


2. DECLUTTER   Buyers need to visualise themselves living in your property, deciding where to put their furniture and what they would keep and what they would change. They can't do this if you have your collection of teapots on every window sill! Pack as much into boxes as you can. Ask a friend if you can store them in their garage, as you need yours clean and empty.


3. NEUTRALISE  Make your home as neutral as possible. If you have the New York skyline on your living room wall, then paint over it, quick! Bold colours that you love, may not appeal to a potential buyer. Everywhere needs to be clean, light and neutral.


4. DEPERSONALISE  Buyers don't want to see loads of photos of 'the family' or your old record collection, they're busy imaging their own family gathering around the table. Packing your ornaments, vases and pictures away can also be the start of packing to move. 


5. AMBIENCE  Create the right ambience. Spray each room with your favourite room spray. Place flowers as a focal point on tables or window sills. Turn all table lamps on and if any rooms are small or dark, turn all lights on. Offer a drink and nibbles. 



Remember staging your home can help influence potential buyers and save you money in the long term. If you need more advice or have any specific questions then feel free to contact me, Amanda Jeffrey at Happy home selling!